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What Can I Expect Living With Pancreatitis?

RM Pancreatitis


Have you recently been diagnosed with pancreatitis? First, try not to overthink the diagnosis as it is a big deal, but luckily you have taken the guesswork out of your symptoms and now you know what you are up against. In most cases, acute pancreatitis attacks can be treatable and something you live with from time to time. Chronic pancreatitis on the other hand, must be a condition that you pay close attention to on a regular basis to avoid any hospitalizations or long term damages.

You have to be realistic about your diagnosis and fully understand why you have developed pancreatitis. Speak with your medical team in a very candid fashion to grasp the magnitude of this disease because if not treated or habits aren’t corrected it can be fatal. Many patients develop the ailment as a result of cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol regularly, or using recreational drugs, or even a combination of all of those. Always realize that your health is far more important than a quick cocktail or a smoking habit. You will have to change those habits immediately to get better and avoid any further attacks.

Your diet can also play a very important role with your pancreas condition; and it is vital to your full recovery that you endure a healthy diet routine. If you can avoid sugary foods, fatty ones, or anything extremely processed that is the best medicine for this illness. The pancreas has a very imperative role in the body to always break down everything you consume from medications to food choices. Over the counter medications can also hurt your pancreas, and steering clear of popping pills of any sort prior to getting your doctor’s approval will be necessary.

Taking on a cleansing routine is a great idea and often can straighten out constant suffering for those with chronic pancreatitis. No one expects you to starve, but the less you put your pancreas through in the coming days after being discharged from the hospital will be best. Try only having a liquid lunch for a few days to give it a rest, or you can stop eating meals at least three hours before going to bed. Consuming lots of organic foods are a must, and even incorporating some form of physical activity (when able to) is just what the body craves. It can be as basic as walking each day a few laps in your neighborhood or practicing some yoga in your bedroom.

Following up your condition with a specialist is another layer of treatment as going home from the hospital is just the beginning of your journey if you have chronic pancreatitis. Get a great relationship with your gastro specialist, and if you don’t like the one you have currently then seek out one that you do because this will be a relationship you will need to rely on in the coming years. Pancreatitis is a heck of an illness to live with believe me I know I have it, but if you do some research, follow your doctor’s guidance, and take a more holistic approach to living it can be manageable.