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Study: High Blood Sugar Levels Increase Risks Of Pancreatic Cancer

According to a recent study, increased blood sugar levels could enhance chances around pancreatic cancer. 

This year, over 45,700 people will pass away from pancreatic cancer, an illness that causes the pancreas’ health cells to stop working right, and then grows uncontrollably. The survival time period for those with this type of illness is five years, and only at a rate of 9%. This is because the condition is hard to diagnose and often discovered during the latter stages of the disease, which causes it to spread from the pancreas to other areas within a person’s body.

Medical Xpress reported that the researchers noted that as diabetes is one of the key risk factors around the condition, they reviewed the pancreatic cancer incidence as per the fasting levels of glucose by using a cohort national database. The team further noted that they discovered pancreatic cancer cases that increased as these fasting levels of glucose rose, which occurred in those individuals who had diabetes, and those who did not.

The team conducting this nationwide study reviewed the condition’s incidence in Korea, as per levels of blood sugar via a cohort national database of over 25 million patients. What was revealed was, as these levels increased, so did the pancreatic cancer rates, in both those who had diabetes, prediabetes, or even normal levels around blood sugar. 

The team noted that their research has found that an early sign of hyperglycemia via doctor’s checkups, as well as a modification in lifestyle, may provide an enhanced glucose profile, and could very well mean there’s an opportunity to decrease the risk of a condition that can seem like a death sentence once diagnoses.

This study could be a real game changer in the world of pancreatic cancer and research, offering offer opportunities to avoid and prevent this terrible disease.