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Jeopardy’s Alex Trebec Offers Hopeful Pancreatic Cancer Update:

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Alex Trebek, host of game show Jeopardy, recently offered an update in regard to his pancreatic cancer treatments. Seems like he is doing very well and even filming the next season of the highly-popular game show. Trebek revealed back in March of this year, via a YouTube video, that he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

While the condition can be difficult to diagnose, Survivor Net reported that Trebek is clearly got a very positive outlook when it comes to his disease. He stated that while the prognosis is not encouraging when it comes to this illness, he is going to continue to fight it and continuing working. He added that with the support and love of friends and family, as well as prayers, he planned to beat the odds and low survival rate for the illness.

According to the American Cancer Society, over 56,700 individuals across America will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019, and an estimated over 45,700 will pass away due to the illness. The condition has a survival rate of 5 years, and lies at nine percent.

While the disease can be tricky to treat, there are plenty of options for someone like the Jeopardy host. In fact, there are newer chemo treatments available, as well as new approaches to pancreatic cancer rolling down the pipe.

Trebek thanked his fans for their support and love in the video, as well as many cards he’s gotten in the mail during this recent updated, stating he was “touched” beyond words. He noted that he remains in therapy and is doing well. He did not specify the type of treatments he was receiving; however, he seemed to be in good spirits, looked healthy, and also relayed that filming for Jeopardy’s 35th season had just wrapped up. He finished the video with a smile and promised audiences that he would be doing a season 36 of the show, as well.

Here’s hoping Alex Trebek has continued success with his pancreatic cancer treatments. With the positive attitude he has, anything is possible.