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How to Help Someone Living With Pancreatitis

RM Pancreatitis


The only thing worse than having a loved one living with pancreatitis, is being the patient that has it. It is no joke and something to be taken very seriously as thousands of people die every year from pancreatitis. It comes on fast and furious as a simple stomach ache evolves into something extremely painful that requires hospitalization and lots of days just laying down. The great news is, the patient has someone that cares enough about them to research what they can do to help, so kudos to you for looking this up! Now, to get into specifics to help your loved one with suffering from pancreatitis you can try any or all of these steps:

  • If your loved one is a chronic drinker or smoker, please try your best to encourage them to stop these habits as they are only worsening their condition. Since this can be a sensitive subject, often approaching them with caution is best. Provide them with some factual evidence that smoking can cause pancreatitis, as well as drinking and what it does to their disease the longer they continue these habits.
  • Eating a healthy diet of fresh foods that aren’t fatty or processed are the best step in their recovery. Often the reason most people don’t eat properly is because it isn’t convenient and they don’t have the time to dedicate to preparing meals accordingly. If you do have some extra time, you can grab them some healthy foods at the store, or even prepare something for them to eat. If they are stuck in bed for days, perhaps making small food options in bags or plastic storage containers is the best bet.
  • Encourage them to take an interest in their health, if anything pancreatitis can be a huge wake up call for many that suffer from it. Getting to a healthy weight, exercising three times a week, or researching triggers for pancreatitis can be all they need to get back to normal quickly.
  • They will need to have a reputable gastro physician that they like working with. Often patients do not seek the help they need solely because they don’t particularly care for their doctor treating them. Do not let this happen to your loved one, instead help them find a great one that they can rely on and will be able to have a trusting relationship with.
  • Online support groups are also a great way for them to communicate with others that suffer from the same illness. It makes for a wonderful way to connect, make new friends, and to trade various methods of treatment.