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How do People Get Pancreatitis?

RM Pancreatitis


There are several reasons why someone can develop a case of pancreatitis, but usually it is a combination of things that gets the ball rolling. It can be anything from poor dieting, to living with alcoholism, varying case by case. Here are some reasons patients obtain pancreatitis in better detail:

Gallstones- When gallstones fill up inside the gallbladder it doesn’t take very long for the patient to begin feeling the effects of them. They usually experience pain in the abdomen, sometimes a sharp pain, and can also begin to develop other digestive symptoms such as vomiting, or nausea.

Alcohol- Defining how much alcohol is considered to be too much for you is dependent on a few variables; how much you weigh, how often you consume alcohol, and what you personally think is a “normal” amount of drinking on a regular basis can all equally play roles. If you drink quite a bit, or everyday odds are that is a factor that aided in the development of your pancreatitis.

Abdominal surgery- Lots of people have surgeries on parts of the abdomen that can result in annoying the pancreas. As a result, many develop pancreatitis and/or diseases of the liver and gallbladder. These can be via complications from surgeries, or just as a form of how the body decided to not recover in a healthy way.

Certain medications- We have all be forewarned of the dangers of taking over the counter medications too often, but this theory also applies to consuming too many prescription meds as well. They all need to be metastasized through the pancreas and in doing so, they cause the organs in the abdomen to work. Constant abuse of medications can easily cause pancreatitis or liver complications.

Cigarette smoking- People realize that cigarette smoking can easily cause lung cancer, but it can also result in a slew of problems in the body such as pancreatitis.

Family history of pancreatitis- Genetics, you either have great genes or you have ones that cause certain physical characteristics such as illness. Unfortunately for some, this includes patients with family histories of pancreatitis that can be passed down with ease.

Infection- Anytime the body is battling an infection of any sort, it can result in damaging the internal organs. There are patients who have developed pancreatitis in the past as a side effect of a recent infection.

Injury to the abdomen- Perhaps you have been in a car accident, a fight, a terrible incident that caused you to suffer injuries to the abdomen region. This isn’t too common, but of course it can be a reason why someone who was healthy otherwise developed pancreatitis.

Pancreatic cancer- Often known as the silent killer, pancreatic cancer is a very painful and fast moving disease. It can go from just the beginning stages of feeling symptomatic to being hospitalized in no time at all. Obviously, if you are suffering from pancreatic cancer the odds of having pancreatitis are pretty common.

Pancreatitis is not something to play around with; if you have been diagnosed or recently released from the hospital it is crucial to your recovery that follow your doctor’s instructions going forward. Stick to their diet restrictions, and try your best to take an active role in increasing your overall health.