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Hip-Hop Star Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

RM Pancreatitis


Bushwick Bill from the hip-hop group Geto Boys recently opened up about his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. During an interview with TMZ, born as Richard Shaw, the rapper noted that doctors had initially monitored what they thought was a benign mass.

Rolling Stone reported that the rapper recalled that doctors noting they found a mass located on his pancreas that they could not understand. It wasn’t sugar, alcohol, or diabetes. They went through a variety of things, and then by early February of this year it was discovered to be stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, the condition can remain undetected until stage four or five of the disease.

Bushwick Bill stated that he is undergoing chemotherapy right now; however, it is far too early to provide an update around how his body is reacting to this treatment.

Before this interview, the hip-hop artist only told family and close friends about his cancer diagnosis; refraining from telling fellow Geto Boys group mates Scarface or Willie D. He figured that not telling anyone about his condition wasn’t really helping the matter. He also stated that he is not afraid of dying as anyone who knows anything about him from his 1992 song, “Ever So Clear”, understands that he did die once, and came back from it in June 1991; so, he knows what the “other side” is like. This is in reference to when he had shot himself in the eye, accidentally.

The rapper also relayed in the interview that he is busy trying to get three albums off the ground right now, so he has things set up for his kids after he passes.

Sadly, pancreatic cancer can be hard to diagnose as it doesn’t generally cause specific signs during the early stages; plus, symptoms tend to be very vague. As it affects the pancreas, it can also be misdiagnosed for other conditions like pancreatitis, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and gallstones. It also can develop if pancreatitis progresses without treatment, as well.