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Comedian Kevin Barnett Passes Away From Pancreatitis

RM Pancreatitis


Sadly, co-creator of the television show Rel, Kevin Barnett, comedian at the age of 32, passed away early this year due to complications around the pancreatitis condition. Barnett was vacationing in Tijuana, Mexico at the time of his death. revealed that while he passed away on January 22nd, the cause of death wasn’t determined until after an autopsy was carried out, revealing exactly what happened. The report stated that a “non-traumatic hemorrhage due to pancreatitis” was the underlying reason behind his passing.

The actor had posted a photo on social media while on vacation, mere days prior to his passing.

Fox Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Television released a statement regarding Barnett, saying he was “wildly talented” and “incredibly funny”. They also relayed that they, along with everyone at Rel, were “heartbroken” to hear of the news around his passing. The two brands extended prayers and thoughts to Barnett’s family and friends during this hard time.

A comedic sitcom that debuted on Fox television in the fall of last year, Rel was co-created by Barnett, where he also acted as executive producer of the show. The comedian had a long list of projects he had worked on, including this role as the co-host of the podcast known as Round Table of Gentlemen. Mr. Barnett also appeared on Chris Rock’s Top Five, as well as HBO’s Funny as Hell.

An inflammatory condition that affects the pancreas, a gland organ that happens to play a significant role when it comes to insulin production, and also key as it relates to the body’s digestive system, this illness unravels when digestive enzymes are released into the pancreas, rather than that of the small intestine. Inflammation occurs as a result of this, where symptoms can be quite painful, and affect one’s abdomen area. 

The condition can be broken down into two forms: acute pancreatitis (comes suddenly, and lasts for a little while), as well as chronic pancreatitis (ongoing). While most individuals get better with treatment when it comes to acute pancreatitis, some do require hospitalization.

When it comes to chronic pancreatitis, the organ does not heal, rather, it only gets worse over time, which can result in dire complications. Some of these include: Serious infection, breathing issues, kidney failure, diabetes, as well as pancreatic cancer. Those that deal with chronic pancreatitis generally battle a number of acute pancreatitis bouts initially, beforehand.

In the tragic circumstance of Kevin Barnett, he lost his life to the illness. Thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, peers, and his fans.