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Can I Cure My Pancreatitis at Home?

RM Pancreatitis


Oh if only pancreatitis was this easy, right? This question has two answers that I will explain in detail; yes and no can you actually cure your pancreatitis at home. First, if you’re in the midst of any attack of the pancreas get yourself to a local hospital immediately. You need to be monitored, and given pain medications if the episode is for certain the enzymes eating away at your pancreas.

Once your pancreas has calmed down enough that you can begin to eat normal foods again, you can start to cure your pancreas at some level if you do the following:

  • Drink tons of water. I mean tons, literally. I completely stopped drinking anything other than tea for weeks after getting home from my second bout with the illness and it helped tremendously. It’s one less thing your pancreas has to break down by giving it water, and constantly flushing out your system is always welcomed.
  • Eat better, not just smaller amounts of food which is a common misconception. Fried food, processed food, sugary foods, and fattening foods are not going to help you in any way. Eating lots of fresh veggies and fruits are ideal, lean proteins such as tuna or chicken, and steering clear of snacking late at night will also help.
  • Kick your bad habits to the gutter for good. Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, and use your time to get healthy once and for all. Start exercising, take up new habits that promote your new found good health.
  • Steer clear of stress. I know, nearly impossible, but you need to try to remain calm and avoid the drama as much as you can. Being emotionally upset can easily aggravate the pancreas, and a lot of patients have ulcers in the stomach as well that are annoyed with ease by getting angry or sad.
  • Try to eat during the day in smaller portions. Eating small meals more often is way better for the pancreas than trying to pile in one massive meal three times per day as it can be too heavy for the stomach to process all at once. This pattern of eating also helps your metabolism to keep your weight in check too.
  • Become an expert on your disease. There are millions of people who have never even heard of pancreatitis, nor know where their pancreas is located in their own bodies. Don’t be that naïve patient as in all seriousness you have an illness that can be fatal. Use enzyme tablets if you think they will help, avoid dairy products if that aggravates your system, things like this that you notice result in attacks or painful bouts of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is no fun, especially if you have a chronic form of it- but you can manage it as best as possible right at home. Always think of your body as a machine that will only work for you as good as you treat it every day. That means eating the right foods and taking your health very seriously, the more good you put in the more good you’ll get back in return. You are what you eat, and it shows the older we get that excellent health starts from within.